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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail the seven seas working on a cruise liner? Have you ever wanted to study for a degree that is fun, beneficial and gives you fantastic life opportunities? If so look no further, because here at Plymouth University we offer all this and more!

This website has been designed as part of an assessment for my final year Cruise module and it aims to give you lots of information about my experiences at Plymouth University . You will find information about various field trips that you to could take part in. For example there is a section dedicated to field trips from cruise on Azura over to Amsterdam and a page about a champagne tasting in Reims, France. The EMCup section explains everything about a competition that me and fellow students entered as a team of four and about  all the preparation we did. In my second year I also decided to take advantage of the sandwich year and completed a placement year with P&O Cruises. In the placement section you can read all about my first hand experiences on board and what it is really like to work on a cruise liner. Please use the links from the menu above to navigate around the site.

I hope that this website gives you valuable insight into some great first hand experiences and helps you to make a decision to hop on board and study Cruise Management at Plymouth University!! 


All photo’s and media were taken by Gemma Waterfield


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