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EMCup 2013

What is the EMCup? EMCup logo

The European Mise en Place Cup (EMCup) was founded in 2009. For two years the competition was held during de BBB & European Fine Food Fair at the MECC exhibition hall Maastricht. Now, four editions later, this prestigious cup amongst students from the best hotel management schools inEurope has evolved into a well-established event. The event involves students from hospitality schools throughout Europe competing by using their entrepreneurship and ‘can do’ attitude to come up with new and initiative ideas and to help promote themselves and their schools.

What the Competition Involved?

Myself and 3 other students formed a team of 4 called ‘The Plymouth Eagles” to take part in the competition which took place in Amsterdam over 2 days. Before the competition took place in January 2013, we were given pre-assignments which had to be competed by December 2012. The topic for this years competition was “Success is a moving target” within the Cruise Industry. The pre-assignments includedThe Plymouth Eagles

  • A 3 page essay which investigated the future source market for the European Cruise Market
  • Rumour around the brand– this involved the team using social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) to promote the competition and the team. The Facebook page can be seen on the right side bar.
  • A video which introduced the team and portrayed our vision of success as a moving target. The video can be seen below


Competition Day One Day 1– We had to present our video and give a one minute pitch to conclude the findings from our pre assignment paper. We also took part in various team building exercises  which included making a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows. We also attended a networking event in the evening and got to know the other teams better. At the end of day 1 our team was in 11th place out of 25 teams.

Day 2- We were given the task to come up with an innovative idea that would attract generation ‘Y’ to the cruise industry from our country. We were given 1 hour for this task and then taken into separate room with other teams to present our ideas to the jury. As a team we decided on the idea of two separate cruise ideas. One was a party cruise that would take the younger generation to various clubbing destinations within Europe in a one week cruise. The other cruise was a no frills cruise that was like backpacking to Australia and New Zealand and passengers can get on and off where they like. The judges really like our idea and we came across as professional but enabled our personalities to shine too. We also attended various workshops and again had a chance for networking. After this we were then split into groups to come up with the new best idea. Two members of our team Vicky and Alice were in the winning team which we were very proud of. Their teams idea was to have singles cruising to attract Europe to the Cruise Industry as a source market.

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And the Winner is….

The Plymouth Eagles came 6th overall out of 25 schools. Although we did not win, we did come away feeling very proud of what we had achieved and that people from over Europe now know who Plymouth University are. The competition enabled us to work as a team and gave us a chance to show our ideas and opinions on such a dynamic industry. I would recommend any students given the chance to take part in the competition in future years to do so as it was a very different but interesting experience and looks great on your CV.

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