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The EMCup competition was held in Amsterdam and by chance there happened to be a short cruise on P&O Cruises Azura heading to Amsterdam for an overnight stay at the same time. Due to this and it being a chance for final year students to experience a cruise and undertake tasks relevant to the industry whilst on board, we made our way to Amsterdam on the cruise.

AzuraThe Azura is the sister ship to the Ventura and is the biggest ship in the fleet. We made our way to Southampton by train and embarked at about 2pm. We then made our way to our inside cabin; there was 3 of us sharing this cabin. After unpacking and having a chance to navigate around the ship we met up with the rest of the group for a drink and to talk about our itinerary for the trip. As we were taking part in the EMCup competition as shown on the previous page, we still had a lot of prep work to do and so we would do our work and then present to the group. The other students were asked to prepare posters presentations of their dissertation.

After attending the sail away on top deck we then met the group again and presented our 1-minute pitch based on findings from our essay, ready for the competition. This helped as the group gave feedback and ideas for us to improve. That evening we went to dinner in the select dining restaurant on board, as it was one of our friend’s birthdays. Celebrity chef Marco Piere White created the menu and the food was amazing, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and left feeling rather full. We then headed to Manhattan the bar for a few drinks before heading to bed.

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The next day the Plymouth Eagles spent the day preparing for the competition while the other students went ashore in Amsterdam. We then met the group again in the early evening to talk about our day and we again presented our final pitch to the group. The others went ashore in Amsterdam in the evening but as the Plymouth Eagles team had to disembark the ship early the next morning we stayed on board and watched a show in the theatre and had dinner and headed to bed for an early night.

The other students stayed on the Azura for an extra night and headed back to the UK. The trip was a great success and all the students really enjoyed their first hand experience of being a passenger.


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