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Cider Farm

In February 2013 the final year students studying the module Hospitality Dynamics (HTM 330) were given the chance to take part in a field trip to Healy’s Cornish Cider Farm in Cornwall.

Healy's Cider Farm

We left from Plymouth to the cider farm, which took about an hour and a half to get to by coach. Once we arrived at the farm we were greeted by the friendly staff and advised we would be going on the tractor ride first. We all boarded the tractor and were driven to the orchard, as it was February there were no apples to see.

After the tractor ride we went to the cider press where we coud see bottles being filled by machinery. There was also a lab inside that is used to test the alcohol content in the cider and to check for purity of alcohol. The guide also showed us the machinery that was used in the 16th and 17th century on the farm to make cider.

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We then went on to see the distillery, which is the smallest copper distillery in Europe. After this, it was time for our favorite bit, the tasting. We were able to sample Scrumpy both dry and sweet, Cornish Rattler, Strawberry Wine and Elderflower Wine and Healy’s classic reserve rum and whisky. We were then given time to purchase products from the shop. After this we were then treated to homemade cream tea’s including scones, jam (Healy’s), clotted cream and a cup of tea, which was very delicious.

The trip was very enjoyable and it was also interesting to learn about cider. I would recommend future students to take part in this trip to broaden their knowledge of alcohol.


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