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Seeing the World & Making Friends

Around the WorldWorking on board a super cruise liner you work 10 hours a day 7 days a week for your whole contract. However, when you have your breaks it obviously has its perks too. This page aims to tell you about some of the places I was lucky enough to visit and also the social aspects of working away at sea.

In my first contract I spent about 3 months doing two week cruises in the Caribbean and our turnaround port was Barbados.  In this time I was lucky enough to visit some of the most beautiful beaches, top up my tan and take part in some amazing excursions. I went swimming with dolphins in Tortola, Zip lining in St. Lucia, ostrich riding in Curacao, Jolly Beach in Antigua, Aeroplane beach in St. Martin and many overnights in Barbados, this is just to name a few. I feel so lucky that I had the chance to see all these amazing places and to be part of the culture and of course the lovely weather.

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In my second contract I spent my time sailing around the Mediterranean and the Fjords where I was able to see some amazing places. I swam in the blue lagoon in Iceland, went up the stunning mountains in Norway, visited the leaning Tower of Pisa, an unexpected overnight in Monte Carlo, rode on a gondola in Venice and had my first Guinness in Dublin.  Again this is just to pick a few and I had the most amazing time and memories that I will treasure forever.

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On board everyone was so friendly and welcoming and before I knew it I had lots of friends who I am still in contact with now and will hopefully bump into in the future on ships. I also spent Christmas 2011 on board. The officers put on a Christmas lunch for all the crew and I volunteered to work in the pot wash with the other cadets, which lasted about 3 hours. I also took part in the Christmas pantomime of Cinderella and danced. I really enjoyed rehearsals and it was fun when we actually performed. Its not usually something I would do but I’m glad I did, we did three shows, two to passengers and one to crew. As a trainee officer I also had deck privileges which meant I could go to see the shows and go to dinner with friend which made a nice change and also it was nice to do if it was someones birthday. Overall my time on board was absolutely incredible and 100% more than I ever expected. I hope to return to see after university and pursue a long career at sea.


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